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Fire & Rescue

Critical to our public safety commitment is providing first responders with a resource which will save lives and well as time and money.  Whether utilized as the cornerstone of an emergency management plan or as an augmentation tool, the ShadowHawk UAS will astound users with its capabilities, reliability and versatility in the field.  The ShadowHawk can find heat sources and cut through the smoke and haze with it’s Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) or SWIR and stream that video to an incident commander, fire station or globally if necessary.  Whether assessing wildfire progress, tracking firefighting or civilian personnel on scene, conducting damage assessment, investigations or assisting in recovery efforts, this UAS will provide you a camera anywhere you need it, day or night.

Emergency Management

As a Texas based company, Vanguard is uniquely attuned to emergency management requirements in particular to those caused by natural disasters.  The vast capabilities of the ShadowHawk are ideal for mitigating and handling disasters whether natural or manmade.  From locating victims, serving as an airborne communications relay point or conducting damage assessment, the ShadowHawk will significantly expand response capabilities.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue (SAR) efforts are routinely hampered by lack of airborne resources, compound with the need to search vast areas.  The ShadowHawk UAS equipped with the FLIR camera system can be transported in a SUV to the assembly area and launched in just under five minutes.  Once launched, the UAS can begin a comprehensive grid pattern search seeking out heat signatures to include footprints which is instrumental in tracking and recovering lost or injured individuals.

Obtaining a Certificate of Authorization or Waiver (COA)

In order to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for use of UAS in National Air Space, Vanguard’s FAA certified Instructor Pilots work directly with the purchasing organization to draft and process the COA.  Vanguard’s experience and understanding of the process is instrumental in obtaining proper organizational compliance.

Obtain a Grant

By nature of the Shadowhawk’s unique capabilities, federal, state and local agencies can obtain 100% funding to purchase and maintain a UAS of their own.  For further information on applicable grant funding please click the link below or contact us directly for further information.