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Unmanned Aerial Systems

Features of the ShadowHawk® Unmanned Aerial System



  • The ShadowHawk® can fly day-after-day, night-after-night, in adverse weather conditions, for up to 3 hours at a time, on an accurate flight path, under computer control.
  • The ShadowHawk® can be airborne within minutes of mission authorization.
  • The operating costs of a ShadowHawk® is approximately 11% of a manned helicopter which includes the difference in fuel expenditure (1.1 gallons per hr in a ShadowHawk® versus 28 gallons per hr in a Bell Jet Ranger), maintenance, and pilot pay.
  • The ShadowHawk® is substantially safer than a full sized helicopter since a UAS can easily auto rotate to the ground in a controlled landing even with a complete failure of the main engine.  Although full size helicopters may be able to perform this function with a highly skilled pilot, it often results in significant damage to the aircraft as well as injury to the pilot.
  • A ShadowHawk® can maintain aerial surveillance of an area (i.e. house, vehicle, person, etc.) at 700 feet without being heard or seen unlike full sized aircraft. Imagine the advantage provided to an entry team in the following scenarios; high risk warrant, hostage rescue, domestic violence, etc.
  • A ShadowHawk® can be fully refueled in less than five minutes.
  • ShadowHawks® can fly safely at low altitudes to provide a variety of inspection functions such as; pipelines, IEDs, railways, etc.
  • Network Centric approach in which data from each ShadowHawk® in flight updates a server computer in real time, allowing users to view the latest information, via the Internet from any terminal designated by the operators, (i.e. the Chief of Police as well as the Mayor of a municipality can view an incident in real time from their respective offices.)
  • Each ShadowHawk is equipped with a Mode C transponder for connectivity to Air Traffic Control.

Read the ShadowHawk® Spec Sheet.

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