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Operation, Maintenance and Training

Operations and Training

As a fully autonomous UAS, the ShadowHawk can be launched, operated and recovered by simple commands provided into the laptop Ground Control Station (GCS).  Nonetheless, Vanguard Defense Industries has assembled a team of trainers from the commercial, military and law enforcement communities to develop and deliver a world class training program. By working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) we have developed a highly comprehensive training program.  The training staff uses its wealth of experience in aviation operations, training and maintenance to deliver a modular training program responsive to the needs of both the agency and the operator. Based on agency guidance, selected modules will be utilized to train operators on your specific equipment to meet your mission requirements. Our goal is to minimize overall training time while ensuring federal compliance and the success of your UAS program. Additionally, through personal contact with the FAA, we are able to stay abreast of UAS operational requirements and be pro-active in tailoring our training to current and future requirements.


All UAS operator candidates must first complete Vanguard Defense Industries FAA compliant Medical Screening Program (MSP).  This process includes a Class II Flight physical conducted by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Kaplan.  In addition to holding a board certification in Family Medicine, Dr. Kaplan is also a Federal Aviation Administration certified Aviation Medical Examiner.  Dr. Kaplan is a 2002 graduate of Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk Virginia. He completed a family medicine residency locally at the Conroe Family Medicine Program while serving as Chief Resident in his final year.  Dr. Kaplan received his B.A. in Biology at Virginia Wesleyan College.

If you are a prospective UAS operator and need to complete your FAA Class II physical, please click the FAA link below to schedule an appointment.


Vanguard Defense support team is staffed by veteran UAS operators and maintenance technicians. These professionals not only possess experience operating the aircraft but have been directly involved in the production, integration and test flight of all Vanguard UAS aircraft. All clients and operators of Vanguard Defense equipment will learn the basic maintenance procedures and scheduled maintenance intervals for their UAS in Vanguards comprehensive training course.  Maintenance of the aircraft is determined by flight time and calendar dates. These dates include weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance on component items such as battery condition and charge status. Flight time checks will be done to ensure engine, flight controls, airframe, ground control station and other related items do not exceed Vanguard and the manufacturers recommended operating parameters.  Annual maintenance is recommended by Vanguard to be conducted at our facility to ensure continued trouble free operation and limit down time of your UAS.  Failure to adhere to Vanguard’s maintenance schedule and routine may void the highly comprehensive warranty program.

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