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Computer “Hacker” Arrested for Attack Against Vanguard

Posted August 11

August 26, 2011

A 22-year-old man was charged with computer offenses by U.K. police investigating attacks on companies carried out by the hacking group “Anonymous”.  Peter David Gibson, a student from Hartlepool, England, was charged with a conspiracy to impair the operation of a computer or hinder access to a program or data, the Metropolitan Police in London said today in a statement. Gibson had been arrested along with five others by officers in connection with hacking activity, the police said. On  August 15, 2011, Vanguard Defense Industries management learned of an attempted “Hack” against corporate servers made by the group known as “Anonymous”.  Although the corporate servers were not breached, the private Gmail account of Senior Vice President Richard Garcia was accessed and his personal emails were made public by “Anonymous” splinter group “AntiSec”.  Since that time, Vanguard has been working in close cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as Interpol’s Cyber Crime Centre to bring all members of “Anonymous” and “AntiSec” to justice.  In a statement today, Vanguard’s CEO Michael Buscher stated, “We are very pleased over the news of the arrests and look forward to more members of this group being brought to justice by any means possible.”

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